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Made from rectangular section mild steel tube with Zinc plated sheet steel floors and bulkheads; includes all mount points for motor, suspension, steering and seat belts. Option of CAMS/FIA ½ Cage or Full Cage. Standard finish Black enamel, Option Gloss Black Powder Coated. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RETAIL PRICE LIST

Hand-laid Glass reinforced Plastic as follows:

Cabin Section; Riveted and bonded to chassis. Doors are aligned & hinged with approved anti-intrusion bars fitted. Door handle recess panels are bonded and glassed in place. Door catch fitted into doors. Handles and Catch are not fitted.

Front & Rear Body Sections; Aligned & fitted with adjustable hinges. Body catch recess panels and front locator panel are bonded and glassed in place. Body alignment Spigot & Sockets fitted. Catches are not fitted.

Dashboard; Padded, vacuum vinyl covered & fitted (no instrument holes).

Fuel Tank Covers (Sills); temporarily fitted in place, need to be removed for installation of the fuel tanks.

Windows; Laminated windscreen (fitted), laminated rear cabin window (fitted), acrylic rear window (motor cover), door windows, headlight & driving light covers are supplied.

Panels; All of the fibreglass panels required for the vehicle, including wheel arch mouldings, heater and air conditioning ducting, trim panels, etc, etc.

The Body/Chassis unit is supplied with doors, front and rear panels hinged and aligned.


The Body/Chassis unit is supplied with a comprehensive Assembly Manual, which includes full instructions, drawings, photographs, Part Nos of ADR required parts and Certification for the chassis, Anti-Intrusion beams etc.

Price incl GST (May 2010) = $27,500

(Prices in AUD $)

Parts & Accessories

GT40 Australia manufactures all the parts that are not available through normal automotive outlets.

For example:
Brake, Clutch & Accelerator pedal sets
Alloy fuel tanks & Replica polished alloy quick release filler caps
Replica body catches & alloy door handles
Replica seats and race type seats
Door trim panels
Special adaptor plate & Flywheel (Ford Windsor, Mustang 4.6 & Boss 5.4 to Porsche G50       Transaxle)
Gear change kit
Cast alloy & Heat treated rear uprights & rear suspension
Front & Rear anti-roll bar kits
Cross-over Exhaust systems
Drive Shafts
Wiring Looms
Rear Louvre & Vent panels, including Gulf type
Replica Headlights & Tail lights

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